Our world belongs to all of us. We are mindful of the impact our work has on the environment, and we take care to protect it through responsible operations practices as well as proactive efforts to reduce our overall footprint. Sustainability and environmental responsibility are core tenants of our operations in building and maintaining the energy network powering millions of homes and businesses across North America.

Customers turn to us to support and advance their goals and plans for carbon neutrality, whether through system modernization and resiliency, or construction of renewable energy infrastructure.

Field work


Our field operations follow all environmental regulations and minimize impacts to the natural environment by following proper procedures for waste handling and disposal, along with other responsible job site practices. Our Safety and Quality function regularly audits all environmental practices in the field.

Centuri equipment


Through GPS systems installed on our fleet vehicles, along with our fleet utilization process and evaluation of fuel usage, we are tracking data with the aim to reduce our overall fleet emissions and optimize vehicle and equipment use across the company.

Centuri facility


To identify opportunities for greater energy efficiency and reduced usage, we review energy consumption at our major facilities.

You can find our environmental and sustainability commitments here: