A world-class safety culture means that safety comes first in everything we do and that everyone feels an active sense of ownership in making sure we all work safely. Achieving this starts with a strong commitment from the top level of leadership that is clearly communicated throughout the organization.


At Centuri Group, our goal is to operate incident-free. We believe that no work is important enough to compromise the safety of our employees, the public or the communities where we live and work. We commit to safety first not just because it is a key component for sustaining our business, but because it is the right thing to do.

A safety culture with zero incidents starts with leadership, but it takes an active commitment to put safety first from everyone to be successful. We all have a personal responsibility to identify the hazards associated with our activities and take the necessary action to minimize them.

Centuri pledges to pursue the continuous improvement of safety practices. We are committed to providing an open environment that encourages employees to meet safety standards while also empowering them to stop unsafe work. Furthermore, we are committed to sharing resources and implementing best practices to support our goal.

Above all else, it is our intent that all employees return home safely every day to their families and loved ones, and that is a value that will never be compromised.

Safety & Quality

Our Think Ahead philosophy is our commitment to serve our customers and communities as a partner for the long term. We operate in accordance with our Think Ahead philosophy and constantly evaluate our goals to invest in, improve, and ensure industry-leading safety and quality practices.

Our goal is to operate as active members of the communities we serve, bringing our inclusive and collaborative culture of excellence to everything we do. This also means that safety and quality come first for our customers, our colleagues, and the communities where we live and work. We all have a personal responsibility to THINK AHEAD and keep ourselves and others safe, at work and at home. We do things the right way, every day, to ensure the electric and gas infrastructure we build is safe and reliable for the homes and businesses that depend on it.

Paul M. Daily
President & CEO