With locations across the U.S. and Canada, and a highly-trained workforce, Centuri Group has the experience, resources and geographic reach to undertake a wide range of large-scale and complex utility infrastructure projects.

We support our customers as they expand into new energy markets, providing comprehensive utility service solutions needed to advance the energy industry and power the lower-carbon energy future.

Our integrated operating company model allows us to deliver tailored solutions to meet the distinct needs and workforce requirements of our customers, regardless of geography.

Together as One Team, our operating companies allow us to meet the energy demands of an unmatched range of utility customers across the continent. Our common culture transcends any single operating company and any single geography and is essential to our business performance. It attracts best in class talent, facilitates integration and growth, and ensures a uniformly high level of customer service across our company.

Centuri’s operating companies offer a comprehensive range of capabilities, resources and skilled professionals across North America, united under Centuri’s commitment to quality and safety.

Serving Electric, Natural Gas and Utility Services Across North America

Centuri Map


  • Distribution
  • Transmission
  • Substation
  • Renewables
  • Emergency / Storm Response

Natural Gas

  • Distribution
  • Transmission
  • Storage Field Construction
  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Station / Facilities Construction

Utility Services

  • Paving
  • Traffic Control
  • Revegetation


Electric Market


Centuri’s electric subsidiaries have energized countless communities, serving the electric distribution and transmission markets across the United States.


Centuri Group has served the natural gas distribution and gas transmission markets for decades, providing sustainable construction solutions that stand the test of time.


Our company serves as a long-term strategic partner to regulated utilities – and helps them prepare their infrastructure for a lower-carbon energy future.